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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

Here at Luna's Apothecarium we try to reduce our waste as much as possible! this may mean that shipping boxes have been previously used or that your order comes in a compostable shipping mailer. All of our products are either glass or a reusable container

No Toxic Chemicals

Luna's Apothecarium works very hard to ensure toxic chemicals aren't in our products. Our mission is to make products that don't cause skin irritation, stay true to the Earth without causing harm, and don't disrupt the important Endocrine system.

Be the example the world needs and shop sustainably.


Why Luna's Apothecarium?

The Green Option

Luna's Apothecarium originated from modest beginnings, but our drive and will to achieve positive change have allowed us to grow into the successful Natural Eco-Friendly Body Care store we are today. It’s not just about offering environmentally friendly and socially responsible products, we strive to inform and inspire the community to embrace a sustainable natural lifestyle. 

Luna's Apothecarium handmakes every product with intentions of love, joy, and happiness. Every product made is made in a small batch with extreme care. 

Finding the perfect  product for you requires some research. At Luna's Apothecarium, we introduce you to the best natural products and professional guidance, so you can purchase the items that suit you the most. From finding the ideal face cream to having a body scrub that invokes smooth skin and confidence for every occasion - it all starts here.

Now is the time to get to know yourself better, to take care of your skin, and to preserve your most essential ingredient - your natural beauty. Are you ready to get started? Start browsing our collection today.


Have a question about our products? Want to learn more about our sustainability efforts and how you can get involved? Reach out, we’d love to hear from you.

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