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Hello from Luna's Apothecarium

There’s nothing like that little spark of delight you get from an amazing beauty product. You know the one. It could be your favorite body butter, your go-to facial serum, or that perfect body oil that enchants your senses — they all have the power to enhance what’s naturally beautiful and make it glow. This was an important mission for me. I wanted a company that would encourage everyone to highlight the magic within.

As someone who had dealt  with eczema, dry skin, skin redness and itching, sunburn, and more I felt my confidence diminish over the years especially working in the beauty industry as a Cosmetologist. Finally when my oldest daughter was born I wanted to give her the best. Unfortunately everything I was finding still didn't agree with our skin and contained toxic chemicals. In 2019 our skin was the worst it's ever been. Enough was enough. I asked the universe for a solution.

Since its founding in 2019, Luna's Apothecarium  has been a beauty destination for innovative, high quality products that our customers love and trust without sacrificing your wallet. I orginally started Luna's Apothecarium in my kitchen, then rented a room inside of a yoga studio, and now I operate full time in the Luna's Apothecarium portion of Blue Lotus Wellness Collective. We carry it all, from everyday must haves to those rare beauty finds you can’t get anywhere else.  I also provide custom orders because every BODY is truly different. 

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For questions regarding wholesale, customer orders, or any other matters please send me an email. I will respond as soon as possible.

Blessed Be, 

Seria Davis

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